Balbiano is a fresh and vibrant family business. Winemakers for three generations they have always been the reference mark for the production of Freisa di Chieri, the local red wine produced within the hills of Turin, the capital of Piedmont.

It is to Freisa that they devoted their life for the past century, a varietal that can boast to be the most noble of the Piedmont grape varieties since the discovery that is the mother genotype of Nebbiolo.

Freisa is widely distributed in Piedmont whereas in other parts of the region all the best crus are undoubtedly devoted to Nebbiolo or Barbera, within the Turin area .

To demonstrate the real potential of this grape variety, Balbiano took the lion share of the original cru of the Villa della Regina Ludovica di Savoia (Ludovica di Savoia Queen’s Villa), based in the very centre of Turin. It was here, in 17th century, that Freisa was planted to satisfy the Queen’s oenological needs and where today Italy can boast to have one of the three urban vineyards of Europe, together with Schönbrunn in Wien and Monmatre in Paris.

Wines available  

  • FREISA di Chieri Vivace

  • SURPREISA Freisa di Chieri

  • VIGNA della REGINA Freisa di Chieri

  • CARI