For every great wine there is a story and this is no different for the Coffele Wines. The story starts with an encounter of love; the love of Giuseppe and Giovanna Visco Coffele in 1971. As their passion for each other grew, so did it for the land, for the vines and for the search of excellence in winemaking. The roots of this lay in the traditions of the family Visco, a historic family of vines growers of Soave that goes back to the mid-nineteenth century, when it harvested its grapes in Castelcerino, one of the best areas for the vinification of the Soave Classico.

The story moves to the present where we meet Alberto and Chiara Coffele, respected winemaker and sales manager.

The wines have Coffele born in the historical center of Soave, behind the ancient door where you find the winery located in a residence 16th Century. A place where the ancient traditions meet the liveliness of the young people, a perfect combination for an ideal wine tasting.

Starting with the 2014 harvest Coffele became the first producer in the Soave Classico DOC to be officially licensed as organic which is a result of a twenty year commitment to environmentally and consumer healthy farming methods.

Wines available     

  • SOAVE Classico DOC
  • SOAVE Classico Ca Visco DOC
  • SOAVE Classico Alzari DOC
  • CHARDONNAY Castrum Icerini DOC
  • RECIOTO di SOAVE Classico Le Sponde 500ml DOC

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