Casa E. di Mirafiore

The name Mirafiore is both new and old, associated as it is with the wine estate in Serralunga d'Alba founded by Emanuele, Count of Mirafiore, the son of Victor Emmanuel II and Bela Rosin. The estate was first established in the 1870s, rising to international renown only to disappear the following century; the name remained dormant for more than seventy years until its reappearance today. This provided an opportunity for what is now a stunning return to the market.

The wines may in some ways be ‘new' but are produced in uncompromisingly strict observance of rules which can be traced back to the most refined and rigorous of Piedmontese traditions: long macerations on the skins, lengthy maturing, the use of medium-sized oak casks; and it all starts with exacting selection of ripe, healthy grapes.

All of this amounts to a range of wines which from the ‘humble' Dolcetto to the top single vineyard Lazzarito Barolo express the Piedmontese terroir and Nebbiolo as powerfully as any wines on the market today. The rigorous adherence to traditional wine making practices means that the common threads found in all of the estate's bottling are power, precision, age-worthiness and tremendous expression of fruit.

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Wines available

  • BARBERA d'ALBA Superiore DOC
  • BAROLO Paiagallo DOCG
  • BAROLO Paiagallo 1500ml DOCG
  • BAROLO Lazzarito DOCG
  • BAROLO Lazzarito 1500ml DOCG
  • BAROLO Riserva DOCG


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