Weingut Karl Schaefer

“Our vineyards are the heart of our winery and 70 % of our land is terraced. The terraces are a critical advantage in capturing the warmth of our days and coolness of the evening that allow the grapes to fully ripen.

Riesling, the “King of Grapes”, is sensitive, but adaptable and complex. Our twelve individual Rieslings each represent a different face of this remarkable grape. Despite what you may think about Rieslings being sweet, 90% of our wines are bone dry. Our vineyard has unique yeasts and cellar conditions that allow us to create these classic wines.

Karl Schaefer is at the forefront of organic efforts. We are working to protect the environment from harmful substances and allowing green space to enhance the terroir of our vineyards.


    Wines available

  • DÜRKHEIMER FUCHSMANTEL Riesling Kabinett Trocken VdP


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