What to expect from our selection:

We choose wines because they clearly reference a geographical area; they embody the natural characteristics of a specific soil type. These grapes have been historically associated with the areas where the wines are produced and are the typical regional varieties.

Our estates utilise traditional manufacturing processes but employ a selection of modern techniques in order to deliver the most honest and consistent portrayal of the grape. We select wines where care has been taken by the producers to ensure that the grapes are harvested at the optimum time of year in order to gain maximum benefit from the vintages.

It follows that we don't work with producers who mould the grape to a 'specification'; we rather work with those intent on championing the natural qualities of the grapes. We also tend to avoid wines that are overtly rich, often harbouring an excessive alcohol content particularly where a grape has been harvested late in the season to achieve the maximum sugar content at the expense of elegance.

We represent wines from all major regions as well as franciacorta , grappa and eau di vie.