Tenuta Lenzini

The Lenzini Estate covers 24 hectares in the foothills of Lucca, in the beautiful area of Gragnano. It is nestled in a natural amphitheater which demands its own particular microclimate.

Consisting of 13 hectares of vineyards and 4 hectares of olive groves, the property dates back to the sixteenth century. The properties were owned by the Arnolfini, the famous couple of which a portrait was painted by Van Eyck whose work is exhibited at the British Museum in London. It's here where the origins of growing grapes and olives began on this part of the land.

The history  begins with their grandfather Franco, Franco Lenzini. A great man and a great entrepreneur.
He was a great lover of wine and oil, with profane technical ideas. He had great vision and embarked on the restoration of the estate, which had been left to rack and ruin. Not only did he restore the estate, he made it more beautiful. In this land it is easy to get lost in the breath of a past age; easy to find the sunset and listen to a silence that has no age, but instead has great memory. 

Today at the helm there's, Benedetta, the granddaughter of Franco, together with her husband Michele Guarino. They  strive to create expressive wines, where the impact of man becomes nonexistent, and where nature takes form and substance.

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